Art Direction, Graphic Design

El Cigronet

Wha is the Cigronet?

The Cigronet is a playful analog toolkit designed to value the level of sexual relationship of your couple, through the use of a concrete object, a chickpea, as visual data. This numerical tool enables you to extend your sexual life to a more metaphorical and concrete count, thus making the Cigronet a potential active element of your intimate life.

Why the Cigronet?

El Cigronet meets multiple tasks … It may be designed for couples who do not find quality time for sex or even for single people who may need a visual incentive of their performances to improve their sex life. As such, the Cigronet could be a funny excuse for couples to elevate their intimacy with a quick glimpse at how many close moments you have had with your partner during a specific period of time.The Cigronet is both discreet but present wherever you want it to be in your house.

How does the Cigronet work?

El Cigronet is easy to use. Every time you practice sex with your partner, don’t forget to put a chickpea in the corresponding test tube. As time passes, just take a look at the test tube to count how many intercourses you have had with your partner during that period of time.

Who is the Cigronet designed for?

The Cigronet project revolves around a latent problem amongst young couples with children, who face routine and monotonous moments while in charge of their family. It is designed for those who may have lost this intimate space, time, or even desire to spend time with their partner. The Cigronet simply aims at bringing these people closer, thus contributing to opening their intimate life to a new level by generating a tiny little stimulus in the form of a chickpea, to help them revive this key factor of any healthy and long-standing couple.

Produced: Els Altres
Date: Barcelona  2017

Art Direction, Graphic Design