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Emotional Punctuation

The problem
In a written text, it is often hard to fully grasp the emotional intention and tone of the person who wrote it. We are mislead by characters devoid of any feeling, missing the communicative elements present in a face-to-face conversation: gesture, face changes, volume and intensity of the voice. How could we express anger or profound happiness through punctuation? What about indicating that a sentence must be read in a whisper, or sounding utterly bewildered and surprised?

Our proposal
We have designed a fantastic set of alternative punctuation marks that will put an end to this problem. A few of them have been invented by people even from centuries ago, but a whole new bunch of them have been created by the designers of this project, brought to you at, where you can check out the whole project, download the free typeface, learn about the 50 glyphs and start using this new system.

How it works
To express one’s emotions fully is hard on written mediums: there’s a lack of voice tone, volume, gestures, facial expressions… Emotional punctuation is useful in any area of written communication, as it provides with the necessary marks for all tones: serious, informal, respectful, jokeful… The way it works is, both the message emitter and the receiver must learn the meanings of the new marks in order to have meaningful communication. Conventional punctuation marks can be substituted by the set of emotional punctuation, which can also be added between words to clarify tone, mood and kind of voice emitted.

Client: studio project
Produced: Els Altres
Date: Barcelona, 2018

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design